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It all started in 2009 when the idea struck me to build a wood fire oven. I had been baking bread and pizza for my family for years and thought that this would make them taste that much better. Shortly afterwards, a friend asked me to bake artisan breads and buns for her daughter’s outdoor wedding. With the pride I had in my new oven, I happily agreed.

At the wedding, many people approached me asking where my bakery was. I was surprised. I didn’t have a bakery! Two families requested that I bake for them at the same time as I bake for my family. I agreed to bake my bread every Saturday so that they could order bread. From there my business grew. Through word of mouth, I started delivering for the friends and neighbours of those families.

My love of baking actually began many years prior. I grew up in Switzerland, and that is where I completed my four year apprenticeship as a baker and pastry chef. I learned an art of baking that is not often seen in Canada. The Swiss take great pride in their healthy, natural food products.

At the age of 23, I moved to Canada. Over the last twelve years, we have steadily grown as a small family-operated farm in East Kelowna. Currently, we have horses, sheep, llamas, alpacas, and more! We actually started off by selling eggs from our free range chickens.

Since my background is in the food industry and I saw a demand from our customers for nice, artisan bread, the idea came together to build a bakery on the farm and to do local deliveries to homes and offices. And, now, here we are with our brand new venture: Bread On Wheels - from the local bakery, fresh to your door.


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